Fanuc Alarm Code

What are Fanuc Alarms ?

Fanuc alarms are essentially the FANUC CNC producing errors due to hardware, software faults or the execution of programs. There are many different alarms produced on the many series of Fanuc controls from the late 1970’s to current drives and controls.

System ALM errors
Drive Faults for Servo, Spindle and PSM
Pulse coder (Absolute APC) & (Serial SPC) codes
Overtravel ALM (OT)
Program errors (P/S alarm)

How are Fanuc Alarm Codes & Errors listed ?

Being involved with Fanuc for decades we have always thought better to list SYSTEMS, drives, comms, and functional errors seperately.

fanuc alarm display

Fanuc drives, systems alarm using lit LED’s or alphanumeric characters.

Below is a fanuc error codes list by drives and system. If anything is missing please contact us for more information.

Fanuc Drives & ALPHA module alarms:

Fanuc System alarms:

P/S Faults / Program Errors (common)

  • PS84 & PS85
  • PS101

Error codes and alarms produced on Fanuc amplifiers, system, power supply units and modules, I/O racks operating the PLC side of the CNC are extensive. They do take time to understand and unfortunately our lists will never negate the need for a quality CNC maintanence engineer to visit site and diagnose and solve faults on your machine(s).