Fanuc Testing


Fanuc testing is available. CNC has over 100 Fanuc test rigs for AC drives from old style anolog thru to the latest ALPHA i and BETA i series servo, spindle, and power supply modules and units. Further Fanuc control boards from system 6 onwards through 10, 11, ZERP model A, B, C and D into series 16i/18i/21i model A and B cards. System parts also include keyboards, power supply units, operator and I/O boards, memory, axes, main CPU and more.

The Fanuc test rigs include all series 6, 10 and 11, both analog and digital 0A controls, full series of 0B controls and several variants of 0C controls, with an i series control for FSSB series Alpha drives. Motors and drives are tested within closed loop Fanuc cnc systems, with feedback to the either the control or the drive amp. Test charges range from $60.00 USD to $700.00 USD. Dependent on complexity, and does include cleaning of the item.

  • Fanuc Monitors – Full testing is available on Fanuc CRT based monitors, including color, mono from systems 3, 6, 10, 11, 0T, 0M, 15, 16, 18, 20 controls.
  • Fanuc Drive & Boards – Fanuc Testing is available on Fanuc drives, including AC spindle and servo (analog, digital, serial) and Alpha drives with B, E, I type interfaces.
  • Fanuc Control PCBs – Master boards, graphics, axis pcbs, rom, i/o can be tested at CNC.
  • Fanuc Power Supply – All Fanuc psu’s can be tested at CNC’s facilities
  • Fanuc Motor – AC and Alpha servo and spindle motors are testable.
  • Fanuc Encoder – Serial, Incremental, Absolute encoders can be diagnosed if faulty
  • Fanuc Input Unit – Input power supplies.
  • Fanuc Memory – Memory from systems 6, 10, 11, 0A, 0B, 0C can be tested for faults. Memory cards for Fanuc 6, 11, 15 controls.

NOTE: CNC can test parts for faulty diagnosis. However if it seems obvious that another part, or corruption maybe at fault then we would suggest contacting your service engineer. For a further breakdown of the Fanuc Testing facilities on offer at CNC Electronics (see below).

  • Fanuc system test rigs:

Fanuc 0 variants: 0-MA, 0-MB, 0-MC, 0-MD, 0-MF, 0-TA, 0-TB, 0-TC, 0-TD, 0-TF, 0-TTC, 0-TTD, 0-TTF. Fanuc 6 variants: 6A, 6B, 6BII, 6C, 6M, 6T, 6MA, 6MB, 6TB Fanuc 10 variants: 10A, 10M, 10MA, 10T, 10TA, 10TF, 10TT, 10TTF Fanuc 11 variants: 11A, 11M, 11MA, 11T, 11TA, 11TF, 11TT, 11TTF Fanuc 16 variants: 16MA, 16MB, 16MC, 16TA, 16TB, 16TC. Fanuc 18 variants: 18MA, 18MB, 18MC, 18TA, 18TB, 18TC. Fanuc 21 variants: 21MA, 21MB, 21TA, 21TB.

  • Fanuc Power Supplies & Monitors:
  • Fanuc Drive Test Rigs:
  • Fanuc Alpha Module Rigs:
  • Fanuc ALPHA i series amplifier rig:
  • Fanuc BETA unit test rig:
  • Fanuc BETA i SVSP and SV testing:

Fanuc Power Supply Units Fanuc LCD/MDI panel Fanuc PDP panel Fanuc CRT/MDI panel Fanuc I/O module Fanuc Memory pcbs Fanuc DC Axis Unit (yellow cap – transistor based). Fanuc AC spindle servo unit. Fanuc AC Axis Unit Fanuc AC Servo Amplifier Fanuc AC S Series Amplifier Fanuc AC C Series Amplifier Fanuc AC I Series Amplifier Fanuc AC Serial Spindle Amplifier Fanuc Alpha E Servo Unit (SVU) Fanuc Alpha Servo Module (SVM) Fanuc Alpha FSSB Servo amp (SVM) Fanuc Alpha Spindle Power Module (SPM) Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Module (PSM) Fanuc Beta Servo Unit (SVU) Fanuc Alpha i Servo Amplifier Module (aiSV) Fanuc Alpha i Spindle Amplifier Module (aiSP) Fanuc Alpha i Power Supply Module (aiPS) Fanuc Beta i servo unit (biSV) Fanuc Beta i servo / servo module (biSVSP)

  • Fanuc motor test rigs

Fanuc DC axis motors (yellow cap – encoder & tacho based). Fanuc AC spindle motor Fanuc AC axis motor Fanuc AC servo motor Fanuc AC S Series motor Fanuc AC C Series motor Fanuc AC I Series motor Fanuc AC Serial Spindle motor Fanuc Alpha E servo motor Fanuc Alpha servo motor Fanuc Alpha spindle motor Fanuc Beta servo motor Fanuc Alpha i servo motors Fanuc Alpha i spindle motors Fanuc Beta i servo motors Fanuc Beta i spindle motor