Fanuc Repair

Fanuc Repair Services

You can save big on getting your Fanuc repair done at CNC Electronics Inc.

Compared too all others you can also save lots of time getting your Fanuc servo amplifier modules, and spindle units repaired at CNC. We offer a standard 24 hour turnaround at no extra cost, if exchange units are not available.

CNC is standing ready to offer repairs to your Fanuc hardware. At CNC we offer an extentive Fanuc repair services with an industry leading turnaround. With over 20 years of fixing fanuc devices across the group; rest assured we gained knowledge and experience of Fanuc that others lay awake sweating about.

All of our repairs are done by ourselves. In house on our state of the art designed and built Fanuc test facilties. From taking parts in; stripping them down we start to analyze at every level what has happened to cause the fault on your device. At bench level we check for all of the parts we know fail due to length of life or just bad design; then we take the units and put them through their paces on our closed feedback loop testing rigs. Which allow us to ascertain whether your motor, drive, control has a problem.

We will always use the closest spec drive, motor, control and CNC to the OEM’s specifications as possible. We do have thousands of parts to work from.

If we cannot repair the part due to it being blown out or extensive corrosion then we offer a no fix – no fee return. Usually we can offer a replacement if stocks permit or we will return the part.

Savings on getting your hardware fixed can be as high as 90% on OEM replacement costs.

Fanuc Repair Services @ CNC

How long to repair ?

Standard Fanuc repair turnaround is 24 hours.

Do you want fault information ?

Yes please, the more information the better. Be worried if your repair firm is not asking this.

Do devices get cleaned ?

Yes we wash absolutely everything that comes our our facility. Except for controls that are not backed up.

Do you check for the reported fault ?

Yes we want to make sure the part is indeed faulty.

Do you use original components ?

Assuming parts are not obsolete we will always try to use the correct components.

Do you test parts before shipping ?

Yes we have many Fanuc test rigs for proving faults and for rigourous testing of refurbished parts.

How long is the warranty on your Fanuc repairs ?

Standard warranty is 12 months on refurbished hardware by us.

We repair the following:

  • Drives – AC spindle axis and digital servo amps, DC axis and Alpha spindle servo and power supply modules and units.
  • Alpha Modules – Alpha Servo, Alpha Spindle, Alpha Power Supply Module
  • Drive PCBs – DC & AC axis PCBs, Servo boards, Spindle cards repair
  • Control PCBs – Repairs available on master, graphic, i/o, axis, servo, memory.
  • Monitors – repair and testing if uncertain diagnosis of machine/control faults.
  • Refurb Motors – AC & DC motor repairs
  • Fix Keyboards – Push switch soft keyboard repair.
  • Power Supply Units – Power supply repairs for all systems.
  • Rebuild of CRT/MDI and LCD/MDI Units: Rebuilds are offered including the repair of any defective parts of an MDI/CRT to get it looking and working as new.
  • I/P Units – Input units for most control systems.

All Fanuc repairs repaired at CNC carry a standard 12 month warranty.

Call us on +1-434-971-394 for more information such as pricing on our services and parts.