Fanuc Drives

Fanuc drives are synonymous with high levels of precision, electrical efficiency and ever decreasing size of footprint.

Over the last four decades Fanuc amplifiers actuated the movement of near 10 million different machines with state of the art amplifier design; resulting in CNC’s moving faster, operating smarter and cutting higher tolerances.

This Fanuc drives section includes Fanuc ALPHA and ai drive series modular amplifiers featuring compact size, optical fiber communication energy-saving features. ALPHA series contains servo amplifier, spindle amplifier and power supply module. Fanuc BETA and bi units incorporating its own power supply allowing the SVU to be placed either together on the machine or independently. As well the earlier AC servo amplifiers and AC spindle drives; using analogue, digital and serial communications via fibre optice.

At CNC we carry one of the largest stocks of Fanuc amplifier units in North America. For the inverters that we don’t have in stock we also offer FAST turnaround repair at standard costs (no inflated pricing strategy for a RUSH job). Contact us to find out prices, availability and turnaround times.