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Fanuc BETA i series SVPM or SVSP amplifier units with either dual or triple channel servo’s with spindle amp built into one unit.

As can be seen from the photo’s the biSVSP or bi SVPM have two seperate displays listed as status 1 and status 2. Individually or together they will lite with a alphanumerical digit indicating an alarm condition on the unit or with the CNC, motors or auxillary inputs/outputs.

This Fanuc biSVSP alarms page only covers the A06B-6134 and A06B-6164 series of BETA i amplifier units.

ALARMS listed in STATUS1 relate too: Spindle Amplifier, Power Supply or Entire Unit

Status1 Alarm CodeFanuc biSVSP Alarms Description
01Motor termpreture (internal) is higher than the specified.
02Actual motor speed is deviated from inputted speed.
04Input power supply is abnormal (open phase).
06Temperature sensor is abnormal or broken sensor cable.
09Abnormally high termpreture of heatsink detected.
11Main circuit the DC voltage at DC Link is abnormally high.
12Excessive current or over current flowed into the main circuit.
19 & 20Excessively hight offset voltage detected: phase U or phase V.
24Serial communication data error. Check cable and CNC is turned on.
27The signal of the a position coder is disconnected.
30The main circuit power module (IPM) has detected an abnormal condition.
31The motor failed to rotate as specified.
41One rotation signal of the α position coder is generated is incorrect. 
42One rotation signal of the α position coder is not generated.
73The signal of the motor sensor is disconnected.
84The spindle sensor signal was disconnected.

ALARMS listed in STATUS2 relate too: Power Supply & Servo Amplifier Channels

Status2 Alarm CodeFanuc biSVSP Alarms Description
1Internal cooling fan stopped
2Control power supply under voltage
5DC link under voltage
FCooling fan stopped
8.IPM alarm (L axis)
9.IPM alarm (M axis)
A.IPM alarm (N axis)
8.IPM alarm (OH) (L axis)
9.IPM alarm (OH) (M axis)
A.IPM alarm (OH) (N axis)
bMotor current alarm (L-axis)
cMotor current alarm (M-axis)
dMotor current alarm (N-axis)
UFSSB communication error (COP10B)

Further combination alarms occur where both STATUS1 and STATUS2 have alphernumeric charachers.

Notably Alarm 51 (status1) and Alarm 4 (status2). Signifying an internal fault with the biSVSP unit. Contact us to discuss options on service exchange units, testing and repair if time is not critical.