Fanuc AC Spindle Unit Alarms

Fanuc AC Spindle alarms

The following lists alarms related to Fanuc & GE Fanuc AC Spindle alarms. Includes drives Analog, Digital, S, I, P and Serial AC spindle amplifiers. Includes series 6044, 6055, 6059, 6060, 6062, 6063, 6064, 6065 and other non alpha spindle units. The list below is not exhaustive, by any means and gives a brief description. Please contact us for any more information related to your alarm on your GE Fanuc AC Spindle unit. To find out more about CNC’s exchange services or repair solutions – please contact us.

Alarm codeDescription of Fanuc AC Spindle Alarms
1Motor is overheated (thermostat operates).
2Speed is deviated from the command value due to overload and other.
3Fuse 7 in DC link is blown out.
4Fuses F1, F2, or F3 in AC input circuit are blown out.
5Fuse AF2 or AF3 on PCB is blown out.
6The motor speed exceeds the maximum rated speed (analog system detection).
7The motor speed exceeds the maximum rated speed (digital system detection).
8Power voltage (+24 V) is higher than specified.
9Radiator for power semiconductors is overheated.
10+15 V power voltage is abnormally low.
11DC link voltage is abnormally high.
12DC link current is flowing excessively.
13CPU and peripheral parts are defective.
14ROM is defective.
15Option circuit is in trouble.
16CPU defective.
17NVRam issues.
18-23CPU Problems
A, A1, A2ROM Issues
6062-6064Varient alarms for A06B-6062, 6063, 6064, 6065 spindle drives.
15Spindle Switch / Output switch alarm
16Ram Abnormality
19Excessive U Phase current detection offset
20Excessive V Phase current detection offset
24Serial Transfer Data Error (Not normally a fault with spindle drive).
26Disconnection of speed detection signal for C contouring control
27Position coder signal disconnection
31Speed detection signal disconnection motor restraint
33Insufficient DC link section charging
51Under Voltage at DC Link Section

Fanuc Alpha Spindle Power Module alarms are listed separately.