Fanuc ALPHA Servo Unit Alarms

ALPHA Servo amplifier unit alarm

On either of the ALPHA SVU or SVUC they have a single seven segment LED display. Which when illuminated with any of the characters below is a fault condition. The following servo unit alarms correspond to different states.

Alarm TypeLEDDescription of Alarm
HV1 Over-voltage alarm (DC voltage abnormally high)
LV2Low control power voltage alarm
LVDC3Low DC link voltage alarm (DC voltage low or trips)
DCSW4Regenerative dischage control circuit alarm
DCOH5Over-regenerative discharge alarm
DBRLY7Dynamic brake circuit failure alarm
HCL8L axis over current alarm
HCM9M axis over current alarm
HCMbL and M axis over current alarms
IPML8.L axis IPM alarm
IPMML9.M axis IPM alarm
IPMLMb.L and M axis IPM alarms
Circuit BreakerTripsCircuit breaker on the side has tripped due to excessive current.
ALPHA SVU & SVUC amplifer unit alarms

Fanuc ALPHA SVU e series use LED indicators and the alarm is displayed on the control system CRT or LCD screen.