Fanuc ALPHA servo alarm 8, 9, A

Alarm 8, 9, A on Fanuc servo amplifier modules

Any Fanuc servo amplifier that has an 8, 9, or A alarm indicates high current or short circuit in the amplifier, motor, axis card or cables, or mechanical obstruction. These alarms are relavenet to single, dual or truple channel servo amplifier modules. The alarm points to the axis in question:

  • AL. 8 = L Axis (1st axis on drive)
  • AL. 9 = M Axis (2nd axis on drive)
  • AL. A = N Axis (3rd axis on drive)

Note: if your CNC machine has 3 single axis amplifies, then all three will only alarm out with AL.8; a dual with either 8 or 9 and triple with any of the three alarms.

Please do not confuse these alarms for the 8. / 9. / A. which are IPM based alarms and normally the amplifier is the cause.

There are six potential causes of the 8/9/A alarms to appear on the amplifier.

  1. Mechanical issues on the axis i.e. binding, obstruction or brake rectifier not releasing.
  2. Fault on the amplifier
  3. Motor issues – bearings, windings, liquids, etc.
  4. CNC system axis card.
  5. Signal cable between CNC and drive (on appropriate channel) ignore if FSSB.
  6. Power cable between drive and motor.

CNC Tip: Watch out for stupid claims about what causes alarm 8, 9 or A. Encoder faults are encoder faults; you will not get an AL. 8, 9 or A from encoder issue. Instead the CNC will fault with 3xx series pulse coder alarms and the drive will go not ready i.e. single bar!

We can test amplifiers, motors and dependent on the system the axis cards also. We also supply servo drives, motors and system axis cards.

We always recommend using the services of a trained CNC service engineer whom has the electronic and mechanical knowledge to deal with the Fanuc side of your machine tool.

The alarms above cover 6079, 6089, 6090, 6096 and 6097; in some cases later aiSV modules.