Fanuc Alpha Servo Module Alarm

Welcome to CNC’s Fanuc ALPHA servo module alarms page! We repair, test and supply exchange SVM, SVU and aiSV modules. Call us on +1-434-971-1394 if you need help.

Fanuc Alpha Servo Module alarms & faults. Series of Fanuc Alpha servo amplifiers from A06B-6079, 6080, 6089, 6090, 6096, 6114, 6117. Includes PWM, type-B, FSSB interface on single, dual and triple channel configurations. Please contact us at CNC for more information regards the meaning of the alarms on your Fanuc Alpha Servo Module. Fault diagnosis, testing on our rigs, closed loop feedback and a 180 day warranty on repair and exchange!

Servo Alarm CodeDescription of faults
1Internal cooling fan stopped
2Control power supply under voltage
5DC link under voltage
8DC link current alarm (L axis)
8.IPM alarm (L axis)
9DC link current alarm (M axis)
9.IPM alarm (M axis)
Blinkingabnormal control power supply
ADC Link Current alarm (N axis)
A.IPM alarm (N axis)
bDC Inverter: Control Command Failure
cDC Inverter: Control Command Failure
dDC Inverter: Control Command Failure
Fcooling fan stopped of the radiator
PCommunication error between amplifier and module
UFSSB communication error (COP10B)
LFSSB communication error (COP10A)

If you require later drives such as the Fanuc Alpha i series servo amplifiers then they mostly follow the above alarms.