Fanuc BETA servo alarms

Servo Amplifier Unit Alarms

As you can see from the pictures below they have slightly different alarm systems. Check for your Fanuc BETA servo alarms either on the CNC or via the 7 segment display on the BETA unit. If alarm condition related to the servo amplifier unit occurs, the alarm indicator on the amplifier front panel is lit. Check the description of alarm at servo tuning screen. Follow this link for Fanuc BETA units in stock

Below are the FANUC BETA servo alarms that present on BETA PWM & FSSB interface; see BETA I/O alarms in section below.

Servo Alarm codes presenting on Series 0, 16, 18, 21

Alarm No Description
309 Alarm 2Pulse Coder error alarm 0 Series
350 Alarm3Pulse coder error alarm 16-21
351 Alarm4Pulse coder communication error alarm
400 Alarm1 bit7Overheat alarm (motor)
414 Alarm5 bit6Current conversion error alarm
414 Alarm1 bit5Overload alarm( OVC)
414 Alarm1 bit3DC link over voltage alarm (LVDC)
414 Alarm1 bit6Low DC link voltage (LVDC)
414 Alarm1 bit2Over generative discharge alarm (DCOH)
414 Alarm1 bit4Over current alarm (HC)
416 Alarm1 bit1Feedback disconnected alarm
417Invalid servo parameter setting alarm
Over voltage alarm (HV)This alarm occurs if the DC voltage of the main circuit power supply is abnormally high
Low DC link voltage alarm (LVDC)This alarm occurs if the DC voltage of the voltage main circuit power supply is abnormally low or the outer circuit breaker trips
Over regenerative discharge alarm ( DCOH)This alarm occurs if:The average regenerative discharge energy is too high.
Overheat Alarm (OH)This alarm occurs if the temperature of the amplifier is abnormally high
Fan Alarm  (FAL)The fan, built into the servo amplifier unit has stopped
Over current alarm (HC)This alarm occurs if an abnormally over current flows in servo amplifier unit

Fanuc BETA Servo Alarms / codes presenting on Series 16i, 18i, 21i

Additional FSSB associated alarms

5135FSSB: error mode
5136FSSB: number of amp is small
5137FSSB: configuration error
fanuc beta servo alarms I/o large
Fanuc BETA I/O Link Alarms

These alarms present on I/O Link BETA amplifiers with the 7 segment display. These are the common alarms; there are many more in the dedicated maintenance manuals.

LED displayDescription
 4 The servo motor has overheated (estimated value)
 Servo amplifier ready signal (DRDY) went off.
 o The cooling fans have overheated.
J The regeneration discharge  has over heated
n Reference position return could not be executed correctly.
 The servo position error in the stop state is larger than the value specified in parameter no 110.
 The servo position error during movement is larger than the value specified in parameter no 182.
 c An overcurrent alarm is issued
 y A DC link overvoltage alarm is issued.
 P A DC link low voltage alarm is issued.
 AA parameter has been specified incorrectly.
 E A DO alarm is issued
 tThe specified speed excess 32767000 detection units per second.
 CThe cooling fan has stopped.