Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Module Alarms

CNC has put to together a simple alarm list. If an alarm / error occurred on your Fanuc alpha power module.or later aiPS module. Then check the front of the unit looking at its 2 digit 7-bit displays which should indicate an alarm number / code. Once you have these details look below, then contact us and we will see if we can assist you either with a testing, repair or exchange part if it seems the Fanuc PSM, PSMi, PSMC, aiPS, aiR module  is faulty.

Alarm CodeDescription
1Overcurrent flowed into the input of the main circuit.
2A cooling fan for the control circuit has stopped.
3The temperature of the main circuit heat sink has risen abnormally.
4In the main circuit the DC voltage (DC link) has dropped.
5The main circuit capacitor was not charged with the specific time.
6The control power supply voltage decreases.
7In the main circuit the DC voltage at the DC link is abnormally high.
8There is excessive short-term regenerative power
AA cooling fan of external cooling has stopped.
EThe input power supply is abnormal (open phase)
HThe temperature of the regenerative resistor has risen abnormally.

Certain alarms can be in combination with alarms on the SPM or aiSP module such as 1 & 31; 4 & 51, 7 & 11; there are others but these are the most common. Refer too the decscriptions above.

We do not offer the advice that an on site Fanuc trained maintenance engineer can.