Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Alarms

Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Module Alarms

CNC has put to together a simple alarm list. If an alarm / error occurred on your Fanuc alpha power module.or later aiPS module. Then check the front of the unit looking at its 2 digit 7-bit displays which should indicate an alarm number / code. Once you have these details look below, then contact us and we will see if we can assist you either with a testing, repair or exchange part if it seems the Fanuc PSM, PSMi, PSMC, aiPS, aiR module  is faulty.

Alarm Code Description
1 Overcurrent flowed into the input of the main circuit.
2 A cooling fan for the control circuit has stopped.
3 The temperature of the main circuit heat sink has risen abnormally.
4 In the main circuit the DC voltage (DC link) has dropped.
5 The main circuit capacitor was not charged with the specific time.
6 The control power supply voltage decreases.
7 In the main circuit the DC voltage at the DC link is abnormally high.
8 There is excessive short-term regenerative power
A A cooling fan of external cooling has stopped.
E The input power supply is abnormal (open phase)
H The temperature of the regenerative resistor has risen abnormally.

Certain alarms can be in combination with alarms on the SPM or aiSP module such as 1 & 31; 4 & 51, 7 & 11; there are others but these are the most common. Refer too the decscriptions above.

We do not offer the advice that an on site Fanuc trained maintenance engineer can.