No support for older monochrome Mazak monitors

c-3240 no longer supported

CNC announces with regret that as of today, Aug 8th 2023; the ceasation of support, repair or any service for the following Mazak 9 and 12 inch displays. Including these older monochrome Mazak monitors namely; Mitsubishi MDT1216, MDT925PS and MDT962B-1A and any varient off; further the 12 inch color CRT for Mazak machines C-3240LP display and any associated part codes used by Mazak or Mazatrol or Mitsubishi.

Mazak started using monochrome 9 and 12 inch CRT displays at the start of the 1980’s meaning in the case of the MDT925 and MDT1216 these are 40+ years of age. Though some Mazak’s of this vintage are still running today a testament too the build quality of both the machine and the quality of the CNC control and drives, as well older monochrome Mazak monitors, etc. They are hardly any of these machines left.

We currently still support colour C-3470 and C5470MDT1283B-1A and varients, 8DSP-40 and the CDT14148B and varients. Nearly all monitors built at CNC carry a two year warranty.