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  • Fanuc O-C Graphic Board
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Product Information

A16B-1211-0340 Fanuc OC Graphic Board

CNC Electronics offers extensive services for the A16B-1211-0340 Fanuc OC Low-Res colour graphic board. Running the O-C control or OD, O-F config in which it stores the system memory, ladder, and programs. As well as providing a f/o fiber optical output for serial amplifier command in the guise of 6063 or 6064 AC spindle drives or Fanuc alpha series amplifier power modules (6078, 6082, 6088, 6092, 6102, 6104) and an optical output for the serial amplifier control interface. The A16B-1211-0340 can run as 2/3/4/6/8 axis machine tool configuration as standard.

This board was designed to run with serial interfaced Fanuc AC spindle drives and Fanuc Alpha spindle drives. A16B-1211-0340 graphic pcb is available today, either as exchange or on an outright basis stock dependent with full testing and repair services are available also.

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