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Fanuc System Zero model C

Fanuc system 0 series C or Zero model C is a mainstay with us at CNC Electronics Inc. Currently we have 16bit, 32bit master PCB and matching AXES boards for analog, digital and serial servo drives including Type A and B.

Memory cards for system ROM and digital, serial spindle control and separate PMC cards. Input output boards from 104/72, 80/56 and 40/40 covering the C and E series for differing operator PCB. As well graphic cards for monochrome and color

At CNC we stock most masters, axes, memory, i/o, pmc, graphics, power supply units, CRT/mdi displays, keyboards, membranes, batteries, fuses and more.

Fanuc series 0-C include: FS0-MC, FS00M, FS-0P4C, FS0-TC, FS0-TTC, 0-MD, 0TD, 0TTD, 0ME, 0TE, 0MF, 0TF, 0TTF

Services offered on Zero C:

Exchange boards, surplus cards and psu’s if enough stock, testing and repairs. If system repairs we require detailed fault/alarm information and full system backup of options/parameters. Lastly CNC manufacture replacement Fanuc Monitors and power supply unit that work with the O-C. Most parts exchange, surplus or repaired come with 12 month warranty. New CNC replacement parts for CRT monitors and power supplies carry 2 years.

If you have alarms presented on your Zero model C display (click here), or LED lit on 0-C master boards and alarms presented on various drives.

Call us on (434)971-1394 or email us to get prices, stock availability or testing and repair capabilities and turnaround.