The Articulated Robot is a mechanical-arm, the most common being six axes such as the Fanuc A06B-6100 series of robot servo, hence an industrial-robot employed for mass production. Similar to CNC technology, the most common robots utilise a three axis plane, one plane being forward and back, one left and right and one up and down, usually noted as X, Y, Z. There are other types of robots, namely the cylindrival robot, parallel robot and the scara (selective compliant articulated robotic arm). There are also robots which are mobile either as amphibians, land dwellers or aeronautical. The controls of the robots come in many guises, but independent self sustaining AI seems to be the favored method – give it the rules and let the robot get on with it. Applications within factory automation include welding, pick and place, palletizing, and machine loading. Commercially applications include things such as spherical robots such as robotic pool cleaners, and guided robots such as the robots in the well televised robot war competitions. If you wish to be listed on this page click here: Exchange a link with CNC
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