CNC Machining

CNC Machining via machine tools, either manual or CNC controlled. Types of machining that is listed here includes the following: CNC machining, EDM machining, Punching both CNC and manual together, Pressing, Routing via CNC and manual routers, die and tool machining, grinding, forging and fabrication, screw machining, and metal and plastic finishing and also sources for Metals and Plastics from around the world. Note: this page is about companies ‘who’ machine parts, components, and pieces for other companies needs, and includes turning, milling, punching pressing, cutting, forging and much more. It is not about companies whom either design or build machine tools – see machine tools. The companies represented here are from all around the world and you may see a couple with multiple listings across the machining sub-directory of this directory, due to the scale of there operation. These companies offer there services on-demand to Aerospace, Automotive, Automation, Telecomms, Medical, Military, etc.

CNC Machining – EDM Machining – Punching – Pressing – Screw Machining – Die and Tool – Routing – Forging & Fabrication – Grinding – Tooling and Tools – Metal & Plastic Finishing – Abrasives – Sources for Metal and Plastics – Gear Makers – Injection Molding, etc.


CNC Machine Shop : AC Manufacturing – a CNC machine shop specializing in precision CNC Machining. We cut all materials like aluminum and plastics and more difficult to machine materials like stainless steels, copper and Titanium with extreme precision using CAD/CAM software. – Everything for Bench top machinists, including lathe chucks, rotary tables, quick change tool posts, vises, clamping kits, digital calipers, DRO, and belt drives newest machine industry tools and equipment.

EPM Engineering and Machining – General engineering and replacement machine parts for petro-chemical and gas supply equipment, as well as industrial, agricultural and mining applications.

Aluminum Scrap, Metal Chip Processing – Applied Recovery Systems, Inc. is North America’s leading manufacturer of metal chip processing systems and briquetting systems.

Fastener Distributor – Wink Fasteners has bee supplying corrosion resistant fasteners since 1992. The parts we supply include: nuts, bolts, screws, washers, sockets, threaded rod, u-bolts, wedge anchors, grating clips.

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Duane Jaworski & Associates – The outsourcing specialists for Screw Machining, CNC Machining, Swiss CNC Machining, Swiss Screw Machining, Escomatic Machining, Self Clinching Standoffs, Self Clinching Fasteners, Panel Fasteners, Metal Stamping, Precision Stamping, Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, Injection Molding, Insert Molding, CNC Milling / Turning, Silicone / Polyurethane molding, Fineblanking.

Valve Balls – DK Machine provides valve balls and spherical grinding services for many industries including military, aerospace, pulp and paper, petroleum and chemical. Serving the valve ball industry since 1985.

L A Aluminium – a single source manufacturer for all your permanent mold aluminum castings.

Industrial Supplies and Abrasives – Industrial Supplies & Abrasives is an online, full service metal cutting tool distributor committed to providing the highest quality tools at low prices. We pride ourselves on our fast worldwide delivery capabilities and excellent customer support.

NC Manufacturing– NC Manufacturing is a full service supplier of precision-machined components with full design and development capabilities.

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