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Buy online FANUC Batteries in Stock New. We test every battery before they leave the premises. At CNC we offer genuine and authentic Fanuc lithium batteries cells from manufacturers such as Panasonic and Sanyo; amongst others. Then the fly leads and connectors are fitted whether JAE or AMP.

You can identify your Fanuc battery either by its Fanuc part number beginning with A98L- (Fanuc spare part number) or A02B (Fanuc catalog number). Alternatively on the battery you may find the Panasonic or Sanyo part numbers written on the battery such as BR-2/3AGCT4A or CR17450SE-R.

We offer different Fanuc batteries purchasable online now. These include batteries for Alpha (A98L-0001-0902), Alpha i servo amplifier modules (A98L-0031-0025) and BETA / BETA i servo units. As well batteries for CNC control systems (A98L-0031-0012), normally fitted in the power supply units or for i control systems directly. We also supply batteries for Power mates and other control systems.

As with Fanuc’s own advise we recommend changing your Fanuc battery every 12 months to avoid lose of ABS positioning or worse yet a lost of your CNC sram/parameters which can be catastophic. Back up your CNC now.