CNC Manufacturer

Other CNC Manufacturer.

Its hard not to supply other CNC manufacturer parts. Obviously as a Fanuc CNC Specialist our main concern is all parts Fanuc. However even with Fanuc, that involves Fuji, Fujitsu, Hitachi, NEC, Matushita, Kyosan, Diato, Sharp.  Also many other brands of parts used within Fanuc’s gear or relabeled (under licence). Hence its very hard not to be involved with other manufacturers parts other than Fanuc. Our group evolved from fixing CNC machine tools in the 1980’s. Including fixing CNC controls from Fanuc, GE Fanuc, GE, GEC, Siemens, Mazatrol, Heidenhain, Bosch, Philips and lots of other control systems. Nowadays we support a wide variety of monitors, and also parts such as transistor modules from Fuji, Mitsubishi and fuses from Diato, Kyosan. As well many other manufacturer parts.

  • Diato Fuses
  • Fuji Transistors
  • Fujitsu Plasma (PDP)
  • GE Monitors, Hi-Ax, 1050HL/HLX, 2000
  • GEC Gemdrive Axis Controllers
  • Hinode Fuses
  • Hitachi Monitors & LCD Panels
  • Krystal Monitors
  • Kyosan Fuses
  • Matsushita Monitors
  • Mazak / Mazatrol Monitors
  • Mitsubishi Monitors & Transistors
  • NEC Monitors & LCD Panel
  • Okuma Monitor
  • Selti Monitors
  • Sharp Monitors & LCD Panels
  • Yaskawa Monitor
  • Z-Axis Monitor