• New LCD replacement monitor for Siemens CRT monitor.
  • 12″ Mono.
  • CNC carry stock of Siemens monitors.
  • SM1200 = CNC M1200.
  • 2 Year Warranty.
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SM1200 Siemens Monitor

SM1200 LCD replacements have been rebuilt by DNC since 2004, hence we were the first CNC electronics company to design and build a successful replacement for the Siemens 12 inch monochrome, and which other companies have tried to copy.

Utilising existing customers metalwork DNC can fit our proprietry Siemens SM1200 replacement LCD system which allows it to function properly in control systems 3, 3M, 3T, 8M, 8T, 810, 810M, 810T and the siemens LCD system inside is second to none.

CNC TRB9 monitors are second to none – you will know this if you get a replacement monitor from any other source. Please call for any further assistance.

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