• New LCD replacement monitor for Siemens CRT monitor.
  • Original is a 9″ CRT monochrome
  • 6FC3988-0AF01 = CNC 88S.
  • 2 Year Warranty!
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6FC3988-7AF01 Siemens Monitor

6FC3988-7AF01 replacements have been built by CNC since 2004. Being the first company in the US too offer a new replacement monitor for the Siemens 6FC39887AF01 at the time as a CRT based replacement equivalent.

Today, the metalwork has stayed the same and we moved on with emmerging technologies. Utilizing the latest LED backlite LCD panels and our proprietry driver circuit; we offer a display for the Siemens 3, 3M, 3T, 8M, 8T, 810, 810M, 810T that is second to none. Viewable angles are excellent, brightness and contrast are also high quality for your machine tool whether in a bright factory or less so.

Our CNC88S is not a cheap Chinese display system sold from fleebay. This is a monitor that actually works; becuase we did at one point repair Siemens CNC electronics and had the controls to get these builds right. In other parts of the group we still have a functioning unloved Siemens 3 and 840D collecting dust.

The 6FC3988-7AF01 equivalent replacement is backed by our 2 year warranty. The monitors are normally available to order, hence you can order today online or call us on 434-971-1394; email us, use the live chat or drop us a message on our contact form. If you are unsure about what Siemens monitor you have then call us and we can help you identify it.

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