Fanuc Model A40/6000i Spindle Motor is in stock.

  • A06B1413B150, A06B-1413-B150#R
  • AC model 40/6000i Spindle Motor (Black Cap).
  • Fault diagnosis and testing available.
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A06B-1413-B150 Fanuc AC Spindle Motor Model 40/6000i

Model A40/6000i Fanuc AC Spindle Motor A06B-1413-B150. This black cap motor series ratings are the following: Rated at 40Nm Cont., 3 phase, 6000 rpm. This motor is foot mounted, with forward exhausting fan system, without brake and straight shaft.

CNC offer used refurbished motors with warranty on an exchange basis (assuming in stock). Testing, fault diagnosis, rebuild and repair of the A06B-1413-B150 is possible, including sensor, bearings, new seals, shafts, front and end shields and more. This motor is fitted with an B spindle sensor / encoder.

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