• Fanuc CRT Monitor exchange.
  • A61L-0001-0073#R, A61L00010073
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Product Information

A61L-0001-0073 Fanuc exchange monitor.

The Fanuc A61L-0001-0073 monitor is supplied by CNC as a service exchange OEM.

  • OEM Exchange with new CRT fitted .

The A61L-0001-0073 Fanuc 12″ monochrome monitor (amber / green / yellow). Normally this monitor is part of a CRT panel, or CRT/MDI unit and is available today. Massive savings are possible compared to the OEM or our competitors for the same solutions.

We can offer substantial savings offering the OEM as exchange with new CRT fitted, assuming a economically repairable monitor can be shipped back.

The A61L-0001-0073 monitor runs with the Fanuc 3 controls and other system variants.

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