• Fanuc M-12 ext.fin AC spindle drive.
  • A06B-6044-H212, A06B-6044-H212#R
  • Fitted with A20B-1000-0690 control pcb.
  • Exchange available
  • Fanuc repair and testing turnaround 24 hours.
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A06B-6044-H212 Fanuc AC spindle servo unit M-12 ext.fin

A06B-6044-H212 is in stock NOW.  This spindle has an external heatsink. CNC can offer Fanuc analog exchange and test / repair services are available on the A06B-6044-H212 Fanuc AC analogue spindle servo unit. The drive is normally fitted with a Model M-12 AC Fanuc motor and is a medium sized spindle drive. If required full testing of the H212 or repair services which are also available if need be. CNC offer all work in house and do not outsource any repairs to AC analog spindles or testing outside of CNC.

The Price for A06B-6044-H212 drive unit is second to none, for either service exchange with a core credit exchange policy, used outright surplus with an extended warranty, repair of the complete drive including the control boards (A20B-1000-0690). And full comprehensive testing.

All A06B-6044-H212 AC spindle units are tested on Fanuc analogue controls and Fanuc AC spindle motor.

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