• In stock for Fanuc 0M, 0T controls.
  • Refurb exchange A14B-0076-B104 in stock.
  • Includes A16B-1600-0090
  • Testing Repair available.
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Product Information

A14B-0076-B104 Fanuc I/P Unit

A14B-0076-B104 Fanuc input power supply unit (I/P unit) are available for exchange. Rebuilds and repairs are also possible for Fanuc 0A, 0B, 0C, 0M, 0T control series ip units.

Not overly common for Fanuc CNC controls. Exchange A14B-0076-B104 power supplies, are in great condition, fully tested with Fanuc controls with extensive full-load testing at maximum system load. This unit has a built in I/P unit. Surplus is stock dependent surplus to exchange requirements. Regarding repair of the A14B-0076-B104 Fanuc power supply units, CNC offer a 24 hour turnaround repair service !

The group has over 20 years experience repairing and testing Fanuc 0M / 0T power supply unit, and fully confident in our ex-stock items either as exchange or surplus. If you require Fanuc fuses (click here) or Fanuc batteries (click here) for your Fanuc CNC power unit.

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