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  • Fanuc O-A Master Main Board
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  • 0MA / 0TA main board testing and repair
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A16B-1010-0150 Fanuc OA Master

CNC Electronics offers extensive services for the A16B-1010-0150 Fanuc OA main board. Normally this analogue masterboard pcb acts as a 2, 3 or 4 axis CNC control. With usually one of the channels being for the spindle dependent on the control system configuration.

CNC has 0-A, 0-MA, 0-TA control test rigs running off the A16B-1010-0150 main board. This board has its own ROM & RAM memory for options & parameters, as well for the ladder too allow it to run in many machine tool configuartions. The A16B-1010-0150 is the 1st generation Fanuc OA motherboard.

A16B-1010-0150 pcb is available today, either as exchange or on an outright basis stock dependent. Full testing and repair services available also.

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