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You can buy Fanuc fuses online. Listed are Daito fuse, Kyosan, Hinode and Fuji that were fitted in Fanuc parts. Including drive amplifiers, alpha modules, control system power supply units, input units, and other system parts.

DAITO fuses include MP, SMP (Green fuses with flag indicators), SDP (black with flag); LM, HM, DM (Clear or black PCB fuses); GP, HP (Green mains fuses with flag) and lastly P series fuses. Daito fuses have been fitted on thousands of different Fanuc parts; if not 10’s of thousands.

Kyosan/Fuji/Hinode all make clearup fuses that Fanuc fitted on mainly AC spindle drives and ALPHA spindle amplifiers and power modules.

At CNC We carry extensive stocks of Fanuc fuse both cartridge based or two / three pin mount models too protect electronics from excessive current.

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