CNC parts are offered by CNC as new OEM and replacement parts that we have in stock for a variety of control systems for CNC machine tools in USA, Canada, S. America. New parts that we can offer for your CNC lathe, milling machine, machining center, punching machines, EDM’s and more. – save 30-80% on OEM prices.

  • Drives – Fanuc AC and Alpha spindle and servo drives. GE Hi-AK Siemens 610 simodrive pcbs are also available.
  • Control PCBs – Fanuc 0-MC, 0-TC, Master, Memory, Servo Cards. GE 1050, 2000 system pcbs.
  • Monitors – Fanuc, Matsushita, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Hitachi, Mazak, Siemens, KME, Heidenhain, Totuko, Toshiba, Tatung, Magnetec replacement monitors at significant savings. 2 year warranty – 24 month Guarantee
  • Power Transistor Module – Fanuc. Fuji. Hitachi. Mitsubishi and much more.
  • Motors – Fanuc AC, Alpha and Beta servo and spindle motors. Siemens servo motors.
  • Encoders – Fanuc alpha, serial, incremental, absolute. Also Siemens servo encoders.
  • Input Power Unit – Fanuc 6, 10, 11, 15, 0M, 0T, 0MC, 0TC I/P Units
  • Fuses – Daito fuses. Kyosan, Hinode, Fanuc / Hitachi fuses, Fuji and Yaskawa fuses.
  • Keyboards – Fanuc push button and soft key pcbs.
  • Membranes – Fanuc lathe, machining center, punching center keypad membrane
  • Cases – Fanuc alpha 45mm, 90mm, 150mm, small, large framed I S and digital spindle frames and cases.
  • LSI Chips – Servo chips for Fanuc’s range of master boards and digital, serial, and analog servo and spindle cards.
  • Honda Plugs – The universal CNC control plug and socket solution for Fanuc, Okuma, Mazak, Siemens and more.
  • Power Supply Units – Fanuc replacement psu’s for system 3, and 6 controls. GE 2000 power supplies replacement. Siemens OEM psu’s.
  • MDI/CRT Unit – Fanuc 0M – 0T, 10M, 10T, 6M, 6T, and variant monitor control panels.