Fanuc services that are offered to the machine tools industry by us include the following: Fanuc Exchange, in which from our massive stock, we swap good Fanuc for repairable faulty Fanuc parts; Fanuc parts, are new parts either OEM, equivalent replacements from third parties or in-house built replacement electronics. fanuc Repair is our largest capability in which we strip, clean, access and qoute upon the repair needed from relatively simple repairs to quite complex rebuilds and refurbishment of fanuc electronics. fanuc Surplus Spares, are used fanuc parts that are surplus to our operational exchange stock, that we have in stock and available for outright sale. Fanuc Testing is available for fault diagnosis and good health checks on the working order of your fanuc electronics. More detail about products services are available on the links to the left.

  • Exchange – Fanuc Drives and drive pcbs, Motors, CRT Monitors, Control PCB, Power supply units, etc.
  • Parts – New Replacement Fanuc Monitors for over 13 different control solutions. also new replacement Fanuc power supply units, memory cards, motors, new drive units, transistors, PCBs, Fuses, Transistors, Membranes, Keyboards, Plugs, etc.
  • Repair – Fanuc Drives, Monitors, Master PCBs, Power Supplies and much more.
  • Surplus Spares – Tapereaders, Transformers, Motors, Operator Panels, PSUs, Control Cards, Systems, Keyboards, LSI chips, etc.
  • Testing – Fanuc drive testing, including servo and spindle drives and drive pcbs, Fanuc Controls and System board testing for most Fanuc control series, Fanuc monitor testing, fault diagnosis on fanuc Monitors from a vast majority of fanuc controls from 1980 onwards. Fanuc and GE controls and boards, Motors and encoders and much more.
  • R&D – This mainly covers new projects at fanuc that we do not actively advertise about which may involve getting into new fanuc controls, drives, monitors, motors, and many other Fanuc fanuc related issues.

Note: CNC may choose not to sell Fanuc Parts, which means that the stock is available but only for Fanuc exchange program.