• Motorola CRT Monitor Replacement.
    • 12″ Mono (green, amber)
    • DS3000-340A = CNC DS30
    • 24 Month Warranty.
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DS3000-340A Motorola Monitor

CNC DS30 is a new rebuild within the existing metalwork of the DS3000-0340A manufactured by Motorola. The 3000 monitor was built under license to Motorola, utilized on GE and ABB control systems.

We have been building these monitor replacements for the last 8 years at CNC. They are completely compatible and because we use the existing metalwork fit with absolutely no issues.

The OEM monitor is a 12″ mono crt screen, which our CNC 3000 replaces. We have evolved over the years through originally using CRT up to 2006, then onto TFT / LCD technology and within the last year moving over to the very latest LED system, which does not suffer the design failures of the LCD technology fitted in most of our competitors idea of replacement.

The DS3000-340A rebuild with LED replacement system comes with a full 24 month / 2 years warranty.

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