• Mazak CRT Monitor Replacement.
  • CNC carry stock of this Mazak Monitor.
  • MDT962B = CNC 962


MDT962B Mazak Monitor

CNC 962 replaces the original MDT962B originally manufactured by Mitsubishi  / Totoku. The MDT962B monitor was built under license to the Mazak / Yamazaki corporation, utilizing Mazatrol (Mitsubishi) control system.

Originally fitted on M32, M32 , T32, T32 Mazatrol control systems. New replacements are available from CNC. We have been building CRT replacements for these monitors for the last 12 years at CNC. They are completely compatible and only made to replace the original MDT962B by Totoku and work with no fitting / connection or installation issues on the Mazak / Mazatrol / Mitsubishi machine tool systems.

The OEM monitor is a 9″ monochrome crt screen (usually green or amber), which our CNC 962 replaces. We do not want, need or require your old monitor. The MDT962B replacement monitor comes with a full warranty.

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