• Dotronic CRT Monitor Replacement.
  • CNC carry stock of this Dotronic Monitor.
  • 9009995-01 = CNC 12D
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9009995-01 Dotronic Monitor

There are no corners cut with the metalwork on 9009995-01  (same dimensions as GE), and CNC won’t ask you to start cutting cables and connectors (conversion kits), CNC will however provide you with a New replacement Dotronic monitor, off the shelve (stock) that is truly plug and play and will work immediately.

CNC Also offer rebuilds on Dotronic monochrome 12″ CRT monitors, and exchange or repair/rebuild services on the Dotronic 12″ mono monitors from the GE 2000 controls – turnaround usually 24 hours.

CNC started building their replacement GE monitors in late 1995, and DNC via itself and its agents has the DNC brand of monitor in thousands of companies through out the world.

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