• Fanuc LCD, LCD/MDI, Replacement.
  • A61L-0001-0123 = CNC123.
  • 2 Year Warranty.
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CNC123 Replaces A61L-0001-0123

CNC build replacement Fanuc A61L-0001-0123 LCD based monitors for a large collection of CNC machine tools throughout America. The replacement for the A61L-0001-0123 is known as a CNC123 and can be bought outright with 2 year warranty (we do not want your old monitor).

The CNC123 monitor is available today and offers savings compared to the OEM and all competitors offering off the shelve solution. Either as the OEM licensee for Fanuc or any other company.

The A61L-0001-0123 monitor runs with the Fanuc series systems with CNC setting up the monitors dependent on what control system you have. The CNC123 comes with an industry leading 24 month / 2 year Warranty.

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