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A20B-1000-0890 is normally in stock.

  • Fanuc Keyboard MDI/CRT 12 key (soft)
  • Fanc alternate P/N A350-1000-0892

A20B-1000-0890 Fanuc Keyboard

CNC Electronics offers extensive services for the A20B-1000-0890 Fanuc MDI/CRT 12 key (soft) keyboard. This is normally fitted with 0074, 0094, 0096 monitors within MDI/CRT panel.

The A20B-1000-0890 is small long rectangular keyboard is for any of the 14″ color monitors from the Fanuc 10A, 10M, 10T, 11A, 11M, 11T, 15A, 15M, 15T panels.

This keyboard is normally in stock mainly as exchange.

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