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  • Fanuc Alpha Beta Servo Module biSVSP control board
  • Fitted upon Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Module (PSM)
  • A20B21010013, A20B-2101-0013#R
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A20B-2101-0013 Fanuc Alpha biSVSP Beta Servo Module Control PCB

Fanuc Alpha Beta Servo Module (biSVSP) triple axis control pcb A20B-2101-0013 Fanuc alpha servo exchange, test and repair with comprehensive testing facility available on the A20B-2101-001.

CNC offer exchange 1st generation Fanuc beta servo amp SVU1-12 for small model 0.5/3000 Fanuc Beta servo motors.

Repair and testing facilities are offered for Fanuc A20B-2101-0013 servo amplifiers, including closed loop with Fanuc system and Fanuc beta motors. Occasionally CNC may have surplus to exchange requirement stock available, though normally only exchange stock is available for most of the Fanuc Beta drive series amps.

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