Fanuc Alpha I Power Supply Module AIPS-18hv

  • PSM-11hvi is in stock.
  • 0iMC, 31i
  • A06B-6150-H018#R, A06B6150H018
  • Fault analysis, repair and testing is available
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Fanuc A06B-6150-H018 Alpha I Power Supply Module aiPS-18HV

Fanuc Alpha i power supply module A06B-6150-H018. PSM-11hvi in stock and available today. The part is in fully refurbished and tested condition ready to fit and install on your machine tool replacing your faulty A06B-6150-H018 AIPS-18hv power module.

CNC offer extensive testing on Fanuc Alpha i power modules, via either our 0iMC or 31i control system of which we can ensure that fault finding and testing after repair is done properly rather than assuming that parts might work, etc. Price listed is for exchange only. The H018 belongs to the first generation 6150 series Fanuc Alpha I power supply modules, either as a PSM-11hvi or AIPS-18hv dependent on where the information has originated.

CNC offers warranty on exchange and repair on aiPS-18hv modules.

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