CNC offers Fanuc memory replacement pcb’s and smd. Presently carrying 7 replacement Fanuc memory boards for Fanuc 6, 11, 15 BMU / bubble memory unit. As well SMD modules for Fanuc 15, 16, 18, 20, and 21 control systems as replacements for faulty memory smd’s or upgrades.

CNC Electronics Inc is a company worth knowing if you have a Fanuc Memory PCBs. The Fanuc memory cards replace system memory pcbs from Fanuc 6, 6M, 6T, series 11, 11M, 11T, 15, 16/18/21. As well as other Fanuc replacement memory is available for Fanuc 0-C and more. Our memory replacement solutions are supplied with a 2 year warranty except SMD’s which are dependent on being OEM or replacements. Contact us for more information on Fanuc replacement memory for your upgrade or repair of faulty memory card.

  • 32KB replacement
  • 64KB replacement
  • 128KB replacement
  • 512KB replacement
  • 1MEG replacement
  • 1.5 MEG replacement
  • 2 MEG replacement

If you require service exchange Fanuc memory cards, goto Fanuc memory page