CNC exchange is offered by CNC, as a cheaper alternative to buying products outright. Certainly for the older rarer products, that once found are usually extortionate in cost, and sometimes beyond the cost of the machine job and or the value of the machine. Hence CNC exchange for the more expensive items is a viable solution, especially since we carry worldwide over 10,000 CNC parts, ready for exchange. Including Drives, Control system pcbs, monitors, motors and encoders, keyboards and power supply units for Fanuc, Siemens, GE, and GEC – though we are looking at mitsubishi and hitachi CNC controls and drives. CNC Exchange cuts down time for your CNC machine tool down to a 5-minute phone call, and a express delivery to your location within the United States.

  • Drives – Fanuc AC, DC and Alpha spindle and servo drive units and modules, pcbs. GE Hi-AK drives. GEC Gemdrive unit.
  • Control PCBs – Fanuc master, graphic, i/o, axis, servo, memory. GE 1050HL and 1050HLX and GE 2000 control pcbs.
  • Monitors – Fanuc.
  • Motors – Fanuc servo and spindle motors.
  • Encoders – Fanuc incremental, absolute and serial encoders. Kurodo spindle encoders.
  • Keyboards – Fanuc 3, 6, 10, 11, 15, 16, 18, 21, 0 series keyboard exchange.
  • Power Supply Units – Fanuc psu’s for all systems. GE 1050 and GE 2000 power supplies.