PLC programmable logic control is big industry and has grounding in nearly every single area of industry. From Dams and Nuclear power stations to massive production lines in car and aerospace factories. Though PLC is outside the confines of CNC’s business activities, the amount of grey area’s that both PLC and CNC share, either in the control system or the application is worth this section of the directory. What is listed here are PLC manufacturers and distributors, integrator, companies that supply PLC electronics, others that offer repair and on the spot PLC machine maintenance and year long contracts for preventative maintenance, also education and training providers whether in the field or on the web, and lastly PLC programming – including the more popular SCADA. Exchange a Link with CNC

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TRM – Motion Controls and PLC’s – TRM can supply the full range of parts needed to make-up a ‘turn key’ solution. Motion Controls, Drives, Motors, Encoders, Power Supply Units, Cabinets, Gearbox/Drive Gear, Switches, Sensors and Cables are all available as a ‘Kit’ – place one order get a complete delivery for your machine.