a06b-0632-b012, a06b0632b012


Product Description

Fanuc 5M available today for exchange.

  • Fanuc 00M Yellow Cap axis motor
  • 2500 pulse coder unit
  • Inspection & repair available

Exchange & Repair warranty is 12 months.

Fanuc A06B-0632-B012 00M Axis Motor


Fanuc DC Axis motor A06B-0632-B012. This is a FANUC DC motor model 00M. With a speed rating of 2000 rpm, 1Nm TRQ, 4 Amp, 59v. This motor has no brake but a taper shaft with a key. Fitted with a Fanuc 2500 pulse coder unit. Each Fanuc Motor A06B-0632-B012 is tested and has a 12 month warranty. This motor is ready to replace your defective Fanuc DC 00M Servo motor

Fanuc Motors come with a 12 month warranty on new and exchange.

Additional Information

Warranty term

Exchange & Repair 180 day warranty., New CRT & OEM – 12 month warranty

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