a06b-0310-b002, a06b0310b002


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Fanuc Model 2-OS Servo Motor is in stock.

  • A06B0310B002, A06B-0310-B002
  • AC model 2-OS Servo Motor.
  • Fault diagnosis and testing available.

180 day warranty on Exchange or Repair

A06B-0310-B002 Fanuc AC Servo Motor Model 2-OS

Model 2-OS Fanuc AC Servo Motor A06B-0310-B002. This motor series ratings: 1Nm TRQ, 2.2 Amp, 3 phase 62V, 2000RPM motor. This motor has no brake but a tapered shaft with key. As standard this motor is factory fitted with IP65 standard seals on the model 2-OS. This motor of the S Series generation model 2-OS AC red cap was fitted with a 2500 pulse coder.

CNC offer new and used refurbished motors with warranty on an exchange basis (assuming in stock). Testing, fault diagnosis, rebuild and repair of the A06B-0310-B002 is possible, including encoder, bearings, new seals, shafts, front and end shields and more. This motor is fitted with either an INC series encoder.


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Warranty term

Exchange & Repair 180 day warranty.

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