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  • Dual axis VCU exchange is in stock
  • A06B-6047-H210#R, A06B6047H210
  • DC amplifier for model 2 * 10M

Exchange & Repair warranty is 180 day

A06B-6047-H210 Fanuc DC Axis Drive

Fanuc DC Velocity Control Unit dual axis drive amplifier for yellow cap servo motors driving DC axis motors. A06B-6047-H210, DC Drive unit axis control pcb powers Fanuc Model 10m + 10M motor, including A20B-1000-0220 and A16B-1200-0230 axis top control pcb.

CNC supplies all of its A06B-6047-H210 drive units, after thorough inspection, fault finding and testing with the correct Fanuc DC yellow cap axis motor to ensure its going to last. As standard warranty for all units supplied exchange or repair come with 180 day warranty. Inspection and fault finding with multiple layers of diagnosis, not to mention an always clean policy – hence unless its spotless we will strip it and clean it as it aid’s the finding of faults.

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