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Fanuc Alpha Spindle Power Module SPM-22 I

Rated Input: 25.2 kW

Rated Output Current: 95A






Fanuc Alpha A06B-6088-H422 Spindle Power Module. SPM-22 III

CNC offers A06B-6088-H422 Fanuc alpha spindle exchange, testing and repair. With testing and diagnosis facilities available for the A06B-6088-H422 type-2 interface drive module. The spindle is normally fitted with Model a22 / aP40 spindle motor with variant sensor feedback. If required full testing of the A06B-6088-H422 or repair services is available. CNC offer all work in house and do not outsource any repairs, of testing off alpha SPM-22 spindle modules outside the group.

  • Clean and Inspection
  • Testing and fault diagnosis
  • Repair and thorough test

The Price for A06B-6088-H422 drives is second to none. Either service exchange with a core credit exchange policy. Or repair of the complete spindle drive. This includes control/interface board and power board. Assuming they’re in repairable condition with full comprehensive testing. All A06B-6088-H422 spindle units are tested on Fanuc serial controls with Fanuc spindle motors. Warranty is 180 days on exchange, repair and surplus units.

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