Product Description

    A16B-2202-0420 is in stock.
  • Fanuc Alpha PSM control board
  • Fitted upon Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Module (PSM)
  • A16B22020420, A16B-2202-0420#R

A16B-2202-0420 Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Control PCB

 Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Module (PSM) control pcb A16B-2202-0420 board is NOT supplied independently of the complete Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Module (PSM).  The board is not sold, supplied or serviced separate from the complete PS module drive series. As part of the A06B-6077/87 series drives, the A16B-2202-0420 pcb will come with a 180 day warranty. Nearly all 6077 / 6087 series drives are in stock fully tested by CNC in which CNC can offer immediate service exchange – shipping out today to anywhere in the US and Canada and South America via its West Coast agent.

Full testing and repair services are offered upon the complete Fanuc Alpha PSM including the A16B-2202-0420 power control card.

The A16B-2202-0420 power supply boards fitted within the PSM to power a variety of different spindle and servo modules. Normally fitted on the Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Modules 6077 / 6087 series supported by CNC, as well as transistor modules and fuses.

Please use this link for Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Modules

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